Installing Umbraco 4.5.2 on Windows 7

I was asked by a local business person whether I could help with their website but whilst being a competent .NET developer I have never used ASP.NET commercially.

The brief was based on some initial design documents they had paid a web designer for, but also to ensure the site was stylesheet driven and allowed the owner’s to maintain the content themselves. Some areas of functionality they were looking for beyond the typical business website were things like; eCommerce basket, blog, appointment booking, facebook and twitter integration, membership system and within this access to previous and future appointments and private records.

So, glossing over the rest of my research I found Umbraco (4.5.2 at the time) which seems to offer a good framework for what I needed, was a CMS (Content Management System) and so would allow maintenance by the owner and whilst there wasn’t a full library of components many people had already done what I wanted to do, the forums seemed very helpful and it was full ASP.NET based and so any ASP.NET component could be seamlessly integrated.

One route was to use the Web Installer but this wants to install SQL 2008 Express R2, which I am quite happy with but I had SQL 2005 already installed on my development system and did not want to also have 2008 on it. So, as I couldn’t use the Web Installer I was faced with a manual installation.

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